A ‘canteen with porch’ was already indicated in Borgo Saint Agostino in 1877, while in 1899 there is altready mention of ‘Trattoria Quarcino’ in city registries. The name ‘Quarcino’ probably comes from the area of origin of the first manager. The area called Quarcino is near the Swiss border and full of oaks (quercia in Italian). Another hypothesis is that the root comes from ‘quark’, a German cheese. During the Twenties the building has been renovated and two extra floors have been added. At the ground floor there is Trattoria Quarcino, in the upper floors apartments, outside a terrace surronded by trees with stone tables and a court where you could play bowling. In 1938 Gatti Francesco, the current owner’s father, became the manager of the Trattoria. In the late Fifties the Hotel is born with the conversion of apartments into hotel rooms. Salita Quarcino – name due to the presence of Trattoria Quarcino – becomes a street. The open air bowling disappears in the Sixties and is replaced by cars. During Eighties the restaurant is closed and the hotel is renovated, inserting the lift and private bathrooms. During the Nineties the hotel change look: the reception is enlarged, parking and the garden are shaped differently. In last years, the façade is renovated going back to the original colours of the building, a new Condensing Boiler for energy saving put in place. Bathrooms  are fully renovated, new windows and lights are made.